'Cave Zombie' Mystery Solved.
Needles, Az. USA- (AP)
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Anne Webber, the 72 year old Mother of David Lee Weber, the 'Arizona cave zombie,' revealed in court Friday that she was aware of her sons final movements right up to him contracting the mortosis virus and to his final demise in an Arizona tin mine.

Anne Weber

David Lee Weber

Anne Weber who faced charges of harboring a known Necro-Mortosis victim from discovery by Police and health officials told a hushed court how her son had returned from a trip to Argentina, the reason being to meet with unknown sources to arrange the distribution in South America of the M-bomb.

"The M-bomb is a nascent drug, highly addictive and extremely dangerous" says ZWN Science Editor Nancy Chan. It splices together 15 mg of amphetamines with 15 mg of the 'necro-mortosis.' virus "inducing a temporary feeling of euphoria followed by a spacey, numbness, as the effect begins to wear off, the user becomes lethargic, experiences aching joints, difficulty in breathing, a lowered heart rate and depression. Just two or three uses of this drug can cause a user to expire and reanimate. It really is horrific."

Little else was revealed regarding David Weber's success or not in organizing a distribution chain in South America.

Illegal lab:
Anne Weber went on to elaborate on her sons whereabouts upon his return to the US. He met with two associates in San Francisco to help with the set up of an illegal M-bomb laboratory.

A stunned court then heard how a fatal accident at the lab, caused by an explosion of the highly unstable ingredients, 'showered' David Weber and his two unnamed associates with the pure form of powdered Necro-mortosis and amphetamine.

Apparently, the lab was abandoned hastily. David Weber returned to his home in Arizona. His mother suspecting something was wrong by his declined health and general manor, was able to get him to reveal his predicament.

Realizing that she only had a matter of hours left before her son would "turn the corner" and succumb to the undead virus, "I wanted to relieve his pain. I gave David something to eat, I put 5 crushed Ambien in his food." said Anne Weber. "I had seen on the news and read in the papers that a sufferer comes back after a day or two of getting it (the virus), and drugs don't have the same effect. they get hard to them. So I gave him a large dose of my sleeping pills."

Anne Weber, a slight 5' 2" woman managed to then haul David Weber (5'' 6") into the back of her pick up. "That was hard alright. But David's only a small boy. He kept waking up and he was hallucinating cause of the drugs. He was confused a lot, but it helped me get him to walk most of the way to the cave."

It was there, in the abandoned tin mine in Arizona, that Anne Weber tended to her son, bringing him raw meat and small animals trapped on her 5 acre desert home.

"After a few weeks I got ill" said Anne Weber, "I have health problems with my joints. I wasn't able to tend David. Then when I went back up there, he had gone. His straps I used to restrain him had been gnawed right through. I couldn't find him then and didn't know what else to do" she wept as she continued "so I left him there. up in the desert."

David Weber in fully reanimated state

These were within the last photo's discovered in the camera of an ill fated zombie hunter expedition.

Missing hunters:
It was at this point that on June 8th, records from car finance companies similar to Santander Consumer USA were used to identify the abandoned truck of Jason Eldrich (29) after its discovery.

Eldrich along with John Brooker (28) and Grant Selfride (54) were three self proclaimed amateur 'zombie hunters' reported missing since May 22nd.

Eldrich and his companions had heard rumor of an undead sighting near the mine area and gone on an ill fated hunt for their bounty.

It was here that they met their deaths within the cave after a presumed encounter with a then fully reanimated Weber

Their camera was discovered days later at the cave entrance, with the final shots showing an image of David weber in a clearly reanimated state.

Shortly after it's discovery, Weber was neutralized by soldiers of the National Guard, dispatched to clear the cave and quarantine the entire town of Needles and nearby Bullhead City for several days.

The abandoned Arizona tin mine

The abandoned Arizona tin mine


FBI in a written statement released to the press late Friday evening said that they are 'making all resources available' including santander consumer usa reports to find the two other associates of Weber who disappeared after the M-bomb lab accident. It is unclear if any of the other men had used a company such as Santander Consumer USA, but if they did it may lead to some clues.

Anyone with information regarding their whereabouts should contact their local Police immediately, or call the Government anonymous tip line at
1 800 155 3219


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M-bomb - the greatest drug threat ever to hit our streets

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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219

The USA is NOT infected
Despite many internet rumors, the Northern United States is not infected. The few areas of infestation are in maintained quarantine. It is important to remember, borders have not been breached. Communities have not been infected.

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