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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219

Real Life Zombie Attack Leads
To 'Benefit Video'

Posted: 8/24/10
ZWN Field reporter - Luke Adams
Campbellton, Ontario, Canada

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ZWN has obtained official police reports regarding the supposed November 19th (2009) “zombie” occurrence in Canada.

The rural area of Campbellton, Ontario was ground zero for an infestation that almost claimed the lives of Sarah Blake and her son, Ethan.

Up until now, all previous requests for information on this incident had been declined.

In the released report, Sarah's statement to Ontario investigators reveals the events that took place that day:

“Ethan and I we’re driving through Campbellton on our way to Toronto to stay with my mother for a few days while I looked for an apartment. My current living situation wasn't working out, and we packed the car and left that morning. We were on one of the many country roads, when all of a sudden, this “thing” came lumbering out of the woods in front of us. Ethan yelled to warn me, but I didn’t stop in time. We heard a loud thump as I slammed on the brakes, and I thought I killed somebody.

After a few seconds sitting there in shock, that “thing” just stands right up in front of the car and stares blankly at us. It looked human, but I have no doubt that it wasn’t. There had been a lot of reports recently on the news about that necro-mortosis virus being up here in Canada and so I knew what we were seeing could be that.

I know I should have stayed, but I couldn’t. I just wanted to get to a phone and call someone. I floored the gas as that “thing” watched us drive away, and soon we saw more of them. One of them looked like he was eating someone! A few minutes down the road, we came to a man and woman huddled along the side of the road. The man waved us down. I saw a few of those “things” in the distance, but they were really slow, and I got out of the car to help. The woman looked really ill, and they told us some crazy person had bit on her arm! The man and I helped her to the car, and I know this sounds stupid, but I had locked my keys in the car. I was just so frantic.

Those “things” were coming down the road, and we had no choice but to run into the woods. We ran as fast as we could, but after a few minutes the woman couldn’t run anymore, and we tried to hide. But the woman, she starts freaking out, moaning and salivating, and she was just in a rage, I could see it in her eyes. She launched herself on the man she was with and starting trying to bite him. The man told us to keep running and he would catch up, but we looked back to see the rest of those “things” come out of the woods and just maul him. It all happened so fast. It was terrible! We didn’t even know their names.

Ethan and I kept running and we came out into a farmer’s field. We were so lucky that Jake was there. He was putting up some fencing and heard us running towards him yelling. We were so freaked out, that we couldn’t even explain to him what had happened clearly, but then he saw those “things” – coming out of the woods, limping after us. There must have been about a dozen or so! We ran for his truck across the field, and jumped in just in time. One of those “things” grabbed Jake, but he managed to push him off. He started up the truck and put it into reverse, and those “things” we’re just banging on the windows and pawing at us. I hate even thinking about it. Jake drove us here to the county police station, and that’s it I guess.”

Police decline comment
County Police declined to be interviewed, but briefly commented that they were conducting an ongoing investigation. However, the embattled police commissioner Paul Bazziere has recently been on the receiving end of heavy and sustained criticism over the seeming lack of transparency regarding this 2009 incident. The only reason Blakes story was released to the press was due to a court injunction to remove a gag order imposed on her by the Ontario Police Commission.

Benefit video
On a happier note: local Toronto band keep you honest after learning of Sarah’s plight, decided to re-enact Sarah’s story on video and have been donating a portion of all proceeds to helping Sarah and her son rebuild their life in Toronto, ON.


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The USA is NOT infected
Despite many internet rumors, the Northern United States is not infected. The few areas of infestation are in maintained quarantine. It is important to remember, borders have not been breached. Communities have not been infected.

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