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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219

Florida Congressman alleges "Cover up" in new book
Posted: May, 28, 2007
ZWN Senior correspondent: Jack Duffy Bookmark and Share

Best Seller: Pandemic by Nick HeightMiami, FL. (ZWN)---
ZWN has obtained an advanced copy of the soon to be published book 'Pandemic - Lies, greed, & the deceit of the American public' by Florida Congressman Nick Hamel. In it he claims to have uncovered proof that agents within the Federal Emergency Management Association, and Department of Homeland Security have drastically underreported the number of “Necro-Mortosis” outbreaks in the United States.

Hamel representing the 10th Congressional District outside Miami, Florida, leveled a number of accusations and indictment at the present administrations handling of the undead plague within the US borders.

Officially, the Center for Disease Control lists only one confirmed undead outbreak in the United States, 'the New Jersey Zombie Incident.' However, according to Congressman Hamel, “After pouring through thousands of pages of documents given to my staff by the General Accounting Office, there have been at lease 17 mortosis virus outbreaks in the United States since early 2006.”

Most of the incidents listed by Hamel are small, three cases of “Necro-Mortosis” infected airline passengers attempting to enter the United States from foreign destinations, nine cases of infected Haitian refugees being intercepted at sea or on shore by the Coast Guard, including one report of a “zombie boat,” where the entire crew of 27 was found reanimated, 'the New Jersey Incident', and five previously unknown outbreaks:

1. Kearny, New Jersey, outside Newark: One zombie rekilled during the 'New Jersey zombie Incident'. Investigators now believe a local man was keeping a separate reanimate (F) in a secluded lock-up garage, it is unclear at this time what his intentions were but it is considered to have had no contact with the public. No arrests have been made, and the owner of the garage is understood to have fled the area

2. Fort Indiantown Gap Refugee Center, Pennsylvania:
Six Haitian refugees reanimated and a further 12 infected, including two Pennsylvania National Guard soldiers. Unexplained incident of “Necro-Mortosis” infection appearing among recent Haitian refugees.

3. Corolla, Outer Banks, North Carolina: Group of fishermen attacked by four Undead. No casualties. Reanimates believed to be members of local squatter community who possibly contracted virus through intravenous use of contaminated drug paraphernalia.

4. Miami, Florida: Nine zombies rekilled in abandoned warehouse. Supposed Jamaican illegal immigrants who entered Florida by boat. However, Investigators debate on his matter since two of the victims where identified as Caucasian Americans.

5. Albuquerque, New Mexico: The recent raid on an illegal 'zombie farm' in New Mexico. This led to the temporary escaping of two undead. Later recaptured and neutralized.

Congressman Hamel says these findings are the result of a two-month investigation by his staff and the General Accounting Office into reports of the alleged outbreak on the outskirts of North Miami. “I had friends I have known for over 20 years calling me and saying they saw armed soldiers in trucks with bulldozers surrounding an abandoned warehouse district at the same time there were reports of a missing person from a local movie production lot, he is later seen on a surveillance tape, however, the authenticity of the tape is debatable.
See 'The human race' archive reports: 1 'Cry zombie'
and 2 'undead actor'

Is this Actor Bobby Martini? missing since January

“I was shocked to find nobody in Washington knew anything about it. Not the Pentagon, White House, CDC, Department of Homeland Security or even the FBI. I have been a vocal critic of the current Administration, and at first, I suspected they were withholding information from me. But, after several conversations with officials all the way to the Cabinet level, where they all appeared seriously alarmed at what I was saying, I realized they might actually not know about this incident.

“With the cooperation of the Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, I had my staff review all 7,000 pages of reports on alleged Undead sightings in the U.S., and then again, there was nothing.

“It was not until my staff reviewed the complete record of ‘Incidents,’ rather than ‘Outbreaks,’ that this information was found.”

Under Federal guidelines, an outbreak is narrowly defined as “the direct person to person infection of the Necro-Mortosis virus that occurs within the United States involving two or more individuals in an uncontrolled setting.” Under this definition, people infected with the virus before entering into the United States and do not spread the virus to others, or who contract it while in jail or refugee centers, are not listed as being a part of an outbreak.

An “Incident” is a far broader category. It can include the importation of Undead test specimens or body parts for scientific research, improper disposal of possibly contaminated tools or equipment, and the lose or mishandling of virus DNA, cultures, and test drugs. For instance, Congressman Hamel sites 37 cases of Necro-Mortosis virus sample labels actually falling off and the samples being rendered unidentifiable.

“It is insanity to list actual mortosis victims in the United States in the same category as scientists forgetting to clean up after themselves,” continued Hamel. “Mid level bureaucrats are placing “It is insanity to list actual living zombies in the United States in the same category as scientists forgetting to clean up after themselves,” continued Hamel. “Mid level bureaucrats are placing schematics over common sense, and in the process, preventing vital information about the spread of this disease from reaching key decision makers. This is the same type of thing that caused 9/11.” The White House expressed “concern” over Congressman Hamel’s remarks, and Congressional leaders are promising hearings into the matter.

“Mid level bureaucrats are placing schematics over common sense,"

Jerry Snyder, of BurWatch, a bureaucracy watch dog group, says, “I don’t see how anyone could be shocked by this. The Federal bureaucracy is so large and controls so much information it is only inevitable that things get missed. Add in the fact that it is nearly impossible to reprimand, let alone fire a bureaucrat, no matter how grossly incompetent their actions, and you get what we see today. The bottom line is some federal employees just don’t care and there is nothing we can do about it. Maybe if the zombies where closer to where they personally lived, they would have put them into the proper category.”

Former FBI agent Marty Waters, President of Allied Advanced Security (AAS) has additional concerns, “It is bad enough they aren’t classifying the information properly. But the level of investigations into these matters is shoddy at best. Just look at them, people catching the virus through contaminated drugs, boat people, the virus ‘mysteriously’ popping among refugees who had supposedly already gone through quarantine, and a zombie pet without an owner? And the case in Florida, two Caucasian zombies in American clothes but somehow they decide there’re Jamaicans? I’ve seen better conclusions on the back of a cereal box. Sounds to me like there is some kind of interdepartmental rivalry going on between the FBI and Homeland Security where they are trying to investigate these instances quickly to avoid bringing other agencies in.

“Another thing that concerns me is the number of homeless people involved in these cases. There are already rumors that an outbreak around Ottawa, Canada very well might be based in the serious homelessness problem in that city. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that any disease could spread rapidly through these populations and we would never know it until too late. This is a very dangerous situation.”

Congressman Hamel's book will be published by Carrigeway Press and is expected to be available mid june.

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The USA is NOT infected
Despite many internet rumors, the Northern United States is not infected. The few areas of infestation are in maintained quarantine. It is important to remember, borders have not been breached. Communities have not been infected.

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