'Juarez Strain ' manufactured outbreak - according to source
Juarez, Mexico
Posted: 28th, Mar. 2009

ZWN correspondant - John Bonura
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A anonymous source has revealed to ZWN a covert experimentation using what was believed to be the XL-6 Inhibitor.

The unnamed Doctor who was apparently involved in the experiment went on to reveal how the drug being tested was in fact a spliced and diluted version of XL-6/ The results of which, have become a great concern for the Government of Mexico which has faced great problems suppressing the mortosis virus recently.

This photo was secretly taken using the Doctors cell phone camera. It shows the heavily guarded test facility.

Following is the transcript from the interview:

To the Desk of the Secretary of Health and Human Services:

For official reasons I would like to keep my name confidential. For all intents and purposes I will introduce myself only as Dr. J. I have several horrible revelations and I can only hope that they do not fall on deaf ears. War may be coming.

Late last year I was invited to a small research group in Juarez, Mexico. They told me that I was to be the supervising physician of a clinical trial for the experimental anti-mortosis drug XL-6. Upon arrival my stomach turned as I first laid eyes on the facility that was little more than an abandoned meat packing plant crudely fashioned to resemble a laboratory. As I entered I saw three makeshift cells, cages really, that were obviously constructed hastily that held recently infected, the already reanimated, and the dead. Armed men stood guard on a catwalk that ran the perimeter of the main room where second hand lab equipment and a curtained ‘clean’ room that would make fast food kitchens seem like a sterile operating room. I was confined to a small room which was more a prison cell than proper accommodations it was then I realized that something may be amiss.

The next few weeks were nightmarish. The moans of the infected, the snarling of the reanimated, and the horrid stench of the dead destroyed any real chance for significant scientific progress, but I pressed on, I truly believed that my work would help push XL-6 from experimental to commercial and that we may finally find a cure for this, the most dire of all illnesses. I should have known, my god I should have known what I was doing, but I was too vain to really understand, and now it’s too late. Before I trials began I took extensive notes on those affected by the virus all corresponding with accepted knowledge of the progression of symptoms.

The trials began in February and the results, I’m sure, rendered me damned in the eyes of man and in the eyes of Nature. They brought in a dozen test subjects who were not infected, to inoculate them against infection. I administered the drug intravenously and complying with the experiment I allowed six of the twelve to be exposed to the virus to test how well the drug worked. They were kept a week (given that the virus manifests in 4-48 hours) for observation and were released after showing no signs of infection. It would seem that we were successful and that full scale eradication of the disease was at hand, there was no way we could have been more wrong.

Weeks later the mortosis and drug violence that had consumed the country was on our doorstep it was then I realized what had been going on. The Vaccine I had administered was not the XL-6 drug, but a cheap generic knock-off that was merely a mask for the symptoms causing the virus to enter a dormant period longer than normal before replicating and spreading through the body. This allowed those infected to pass the virus on to others, and in turn they passed it on to even more people and so on without even realizing they were going to die. This means anyone infected with the Juarez Strain may not show symptoms for weeks before succumbing to full mortosis. I watched in horror as the Mexican army valiantly battled a large number of its own citizens in vain, winning a hollow victory. Though those who were obviously reanimated were defeated and order restored, there remains a large military presence with random checkpoints, illegal searches, and curfews turning a city that sits on the border between Texas and Mexico into a fascist police state because in all honesty, we have no idea how many people are potentially infected or how many of those may have already made it into the United States.

Dr. J

A spokesperson for Pharmaceutical giant, Amcalon, makers of the XL-6 inhibitor said "Our company has no knowledge of this event, nor does it condone the usage of live uninfected test subjects in such conditions as described. At this point in time we no such arrangements as described, with the Mexican Government to render testing of the XL-6 inhibitor."

Amcalons corporate website is:

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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219

The USA is NOT infected
Despite many internet rumors, the Northern United States is not infected. The few areas of infestation are in maintained quarantine. It is important to remember, borders have not been breached. Communities have not been infected.

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