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If you suspect anyone of showing sympoms of the 'Necro- Mortosis' Virus, the Government has released the following anonymous tip line.
1 800 155 3219

Controversial New T.V. Show Debuts
Accuses Cuba of Using Chemical Weapons on Undead.
Interviews Head of 'Templar's of God.'

USA. ZWN Senior Correspondent - Jack Duffy - (AP)
Posted: July 23, 2007 Bookmark and Share

"The Undead Zone," hosted by convicted former "Australian Undead News" reporter, Scot Chierbeck, premiered on the Fox channel with the highest ratings of any new syndicated news program in history this weekend and in doing so spawned immediate controversy.

Chierbeck opened the show with a short synopsis of the growth and spread of the virus over the previous 18 months, and accused the United Nations and United States of “a systematic cover-up” to prevent the public from knowing the true nature of the zombie menace.

WMD's used:
Backing his claims was Juan Hurebe, alleged to be a colonel in the Cuban army who fled the island just days ago from the zombie outbreak.

According to Hurebe, “Nothing the army is doing is stopping the zombies. We even tried launching chemical weapons attacks on the infested Evacuation Zones, but the sarin gas had to be at such a high concentration to work, it killed more living people than dead.”

Chierbeck interrupted Hurebe in shock, “You are telling this audience that not even weapons of mass destruction can stop this menace?”

“Yes,” replied Hurebe. “The chemical weapons attacks were a complete failure. Zombies do not react the same what to neurotoxins as the living. Breathing agents were completely useless, and nerve agents just slowed them down a bit. But the real problem came from all the civilian deaths. The living are much more sensitive to the agents, so they were killed over a much larger area than the dead. We would try to hit a 200 meter zone of zombies, and living people up to 500 meters away would die. Then the people who were infected in those areas would quickly reanimate shortly after death, and begin attacking. I lost my entire brigade when recently reanimated zombies came up on us from the rear out of an area we considered pacified just hours before.”

When Chierbeck asked Hurebe what the future held for Cuba, Hurebe said, “None. Right now, the army is holding the zombies from spreading from the Evacuation Centers set up for the refugees from the western provinces, but they cannot hold forever. Plus, the morale of the soldiers and police fighting the Undead, and the terrified refugees is so low many orders and commands are being ignored.

“The social order in Cuba is beginning to collapse. With so many police and military forces pulled to fight the zombies, the rest of the country is falling into lawlessness. “Riots and violence are becoming commonplace, and paranoia about the spread of the disease is causing many communities to summarily execute anyone with even a cold.”

System breaks down:
Hurebe then tells Chierbeck how most government workers have abandoned their posts in order to look after their own families. Garbage is not being collected. Electricity and water are frequently being tuned off in an effort to conserve them. Medical workers are not turning up for duty, and police, fire and other emergency workers are also becoming scarce.

Critics of Chierbeck’s show are plentiful. Luis Gonzalez, a Spanish-English interpreter for Miami based law firms is quick to point out, “The alleged ‘Colonel’ Hurebe, speaks with a Mexican, rather than Cuban, accent. Even though he was speaking in English, any native Spanish speaker can readily tell the differences between these two distinctive accents.”

Jimmy Henderson, of “National Security Watch,” a think tank based out of Washington, DC, says, “There is no evidence whatsoever the Cubans have used chemical weapons. There were rumors in the 1980’s that the Cubans used them in Africa, but even then, they were considered to be of Soviet origin.

“If the Cubans even have stockpiled some weapons, which is possible, it is highly unlikely they would use them even in this situation. Numerous studies from all over the world have shown chemical weapons, and any weapons targeting the human nervous system, such as tazers, are relatively useless against the Undead. Why would they use such costly and unpredictable weapons when they have plenty of bullets? With the Cubans knowing the United States is watching them very closely during this situation, I think it’s ludicrous to think they would risk an additional confrontation with America over the existence of these weapons at this time.”

A source speaking on condition of anonymity at the Pentagon agrees, “To be honest, the situation in Cuba is very serious, but does not rise to that level of desperation. Yes, the undead presence is spreading, but outside the west and the Evacuation Zones, 90% of the island has no Undead presence at all. It is not our intention to minimalise the situation, but In actuality, it is a few thousand undead on an island of millions. The biggest concern for the United States at this time is panic leading refugees to flee the island en mass, possibly spreading the virus to North America.

“This is where Chierbeck and Fox channel in general should be severely reprimanded. He knows very well that his program can be seen in Cuba on broadcasts out of south Florida, and on American satellite television. For him to place that on the air at this time is completely inflammatory.”

'Templar's of God:
FBI investigators are also looking very closely at “The Undead Zone’s” second interview guest, the alleged “Grand Master” of the 'Templar's of God. The 'Templar's of God are wanted by the FBI in connection with the “ambush killings” of over a dozen illegal immigrants last month near the site of the “Needles Outbreak” in California and Arizona, and a string of mortuary attacks across the southern United States.

Unlike Chierbeck’s first guest, experts think this one might be the real deal. Chris Jefferson, of the Western Poverty Law Center, a group that tracks and documents the actions and growth of hate groups and cults in the United States and Europe says, “The ‘Grand Master’ appeared in white robes with red Christian insignia very similar to those worn by the Ku Klux Klan. We have long suspected the 'Templar's were on offshoot of the Klan or similar hate group, and this would tend to support that theory.”

During the interview, Chierbeck introduced the 'Templar's as “an elusive group of zombie hunters some call heroes,” the Grand Master, who refused to be identified, keeping his identity hidden behind a white, hooded, mask, pledged to “keep America’s shores clean of the dead.”

“We will protect you where your government has failed and will send the unclean back to their flea ridden island as burnt offerings to their godless king,” he said while brandishing his fist in the air.

Chierbeck asked if the 'Templar's where responsible for the immigrant massacre last month and the other vandalism and arson attacks in the southeast. The Grand Master accepted responsibility for all these crimes, but added, “What you are not being told is that in each of our attacks, there were at least one necro present. We have attacked and killed no living people or destroyed any property unless the owners where shielding the unclean from divine justice.

“What they won’t tell you is that our ‘ambush’ out west was not on innocent men and women looking for work, but a truck of prostitutes and pimps, infected by the ‘M-Bomb’ at a drug bar in Mexico, being driven into the desert to be dumped. What they won’t tell you is our attack on the Wilkerson Funeral Home in Mobile was because the owners where hiding the body of Mark Patterson, a college student infected by the dead in France who reanimated while under arrest at the Sarasota airport. The 'Templar's were born out of necessity. Our government is lying to us, and will do nothing to protect your children until it is too late.”

At times the Grand Master seemed to ramble and meander through vague agendas and theories. He even accuse ZWN's Arthur Helms of working in conjunction with the government. Calling him "a 'hand puppet' of Bush."

Government involved?:
When asked by Chierbeck why the government would keep information like this away from the public, the Grand Master answered, “Because the ‘Necro-Mortosis’ virus was developed by the United Nations and CIA as part of a plan to bring every man, woman, and child on this planet under their control. Anywhere in the world, wherever the virus shows up, the first thing that happens is the government takes control over everything in the name of ‘protecting the people.’ People are placed under constant surveillance; they cannot travel when or where they want. Their food, water, and medical services are rationed; every aspect of their lives is placed under the control of the powerful. And, that is just what they want. The necro's are spreading because the powerful want it to.

“It is easy to stop the spread of the virus. Destroy the head of any person at the point of death, and quickly eliminate anyone possibly at risk of infection before they reanimate. Why won’t the government do something that simple? It is because zombies are tools of the tyrant. Washington wants a zombie outbreak in the United States so they can crush what is left of our freedom and reorder our lives as they see fit. This is what the 'Templar's of God resist, and this is what we will die, and if necessary, kill to prevent.”

Gerald Richards the FBI “Necro-Mortosis Research Lab” called the Grand Master’s statements, “The ranting's of a madman, which do not warrant the dignity of a response.

“The immigrants they killed in California where just immigrants. Their remains where tested by FBI, CDC, and three independent labs and all results were negative for the Mortosis virus. And, this Mark Patterson fellow they claim reanimated at an airport, simply never existed.

“It is easy to make a conspiracy claim sound realistic when you completely ignore all the facts,” he concluded.

Scot Chierbeck refused to be interviewed for this report, blaming ZWN for “making him look like a fool,” during the joint news organization coverage of the Jerusalem Outbreak. However, Chierbeck informed this reporter he would “look forward to the hatchet job” on his show by ZWN.

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The USA is NOT infected
Despite many internet rumors, the Northern United States is not infected. The few areas of infestation are in maintained quarantine. It is important to remember, borders have not been breached. Communities have not been infected.

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